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100% Online | 47$ FREE | Use Coupon: exoasia

100% Online | 47$ FREE | Use Coupon: exoasia

Master the ExO Methodology

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Module 1: Exponential World

If you power any domain, discipline, industry area, or product area with information technologies, and it acquires informational flow properties, its price performance begins to double very steadily

Module 2: 4Ds of Technology Disruption

Digitize - The key feature of something being digital is that it becomes easy to access, share, and distribute

Disrupt - At a tipping point, the new digital product outperforms the current product and service in terms of both effectiveness and cost

Demonetize - As exponential growth accelerates and costs fall, technology becomes increasingly affordable – often to the point of being free

Democratize - It has progressed from something that only the powerful and wealthy could afford to something that almost anyone can own and use

Module 3: Exponential Organizations

An exponential organization is one that grows at a faster-than-average rate – up to ten times faster than comparable companies in the industry – but can do so with significantly fewer resources due to new organizational forms and the use of new, particularly digital, technologies

Module 4: Exponential Attributes

The ExO Attributes are a set of eleven common organizational attributes that allow businesses to become Exponential Organizations: Massive Transformative Purpose, Staff on Demand, Community, Algorithms, Leveraged Assets, Engagement, Interfaces, Dashboards, Experiments, Autonomy, and Social Technologies

Not all ExOs implement all eleven attributes, but there is an ExO formula (MTP + IDEAS + SCALE) that provides us with three groups of ExO Attributes that must always be implemented, so we must choose one or more ExO Attributes from each of the three groups of the ExO formula

Module 5: Nine Implications of ExO

The ExO attributes that have been implemented have changed the social landscape. Company decisions have shifted to the point where disruption has become the new normal

Discover the impact of exponential attributes on the organization, society, and community

Module 6: Transforming into an ExO

Innovations are difficult to implement in large corporations because the company's immune system is designed to withstand change and minimize risk. However, this does not rule out the possibility of converting one to an ExO company

Learn how to transform your business into one

100% Online | 47$ FREE | Use Coupon: exoasia


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100% Online | 47$ FREE | Use Coupon: exoasia

100% Online | 47$ FREE | Use Coupon: exoasia

100% Online | 47$ FREE | Use Coupon: exoasia

100% Online | 47$ FREE | Use Coupon: exoasia

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